31st Session of the COMCEC from 23-26 November 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey


The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group actively participates annually at the COMCEC, where the delegation of the Group is led by the President, H.E. Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali, who gives out a speech summarizing the Goup’s role in developing the member countries

Almost, all agenda items elaborated by COMCEC Meetings including Senior Officials Meeting of COMCEC fall into IDBG’s mandates. In this regard, COMCEC Annual Meetings are given utmost importance by the IDBG to inform/update the member countries on the Group’s on-going efforts in enhancing intra-OIC trade. In this context, different entities and departments present their reports to the meetings of COMCEC particularly areas related to intra-OIC trade, development of transport infrastructure of member countries, its operations and programs related to poverty alleviation and development of agriculture sectors.

In this context, ITFC will present its report on its role in enhancing intra-OIC trade, which provides update on its current trade finance operations and trade related technical assistance interventions through its Trade Cooperation Promotion Program (TCPP)


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