Graduates for Phase I of “Export Launchpad Senegal – Developing Trade Opportunities” awarded by ITFC, TFO Canada and ASEPEX

Friday, October 27, 2017

Dakar, Senegal (October 27, 2017) – Today, thirty (30) Senegalese trade officers will be awarded with certificates of participation, signaling the culmination of the phase I of the “Export Launchpad Senegal - Developing Trade Opportunities” program, a unique trade-related capacity building and Canadian market access partnership. This is a successful, fulfilling and exciting occasion for the collaboration between the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC), the Trade Facilitation Office Canada (TFO Canada) and the Senegalese Export Promotion Agency (ASEPEX).

Export Launchpad Senegal – Developing Trade Opportunities is a technical assistance project consisting of a train-the-trainer program and aims to consolidate the knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of international trade. Thirty (30) technical trade officers from ASEPEX and other trade support institutions (TSIs) in Senegal, have been thoroughly selected, then trained and are now equipped and ready to train small and medium enterprises (SMEs) interested in exporting their goods and services. The initiative is expected to impact significantly export capabilities of Senegalese SMEs.

There will be planned workshops for small and medium-sized Senegalese exporters to improve their knowledge on going global and to guide them in developing export plans for targeted international market access.

The ultimate outcome is for the Export Launchpad Senegal – Developing Trade Opportunities program to contribute to sustainable economic development aimed at reducing poverty in Senegal through the capitalizing on opportunities in global trade.

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