Plenary session on “Reducing Trade Costs for IDB Member Countries”

IDB Group organized a plenary session on 30 June 2015, titled “Reducing Trade Costs for IDB MCs”. This session was part of IDB Group’s series of recent events on trade facilitation and regional integration with a focus on reducing trade costs. Through these activities, IDBG aims at having the stock of actions under implementation by MCs, development partners and regional organizations to reduce trade costs, improve logistical performance and consequently identify additional complementing efforts to be exerted together.

The Session was chaired by Eng. Hani Sonbol, Acting CEO, ICIEC and Deputy CEO, ITFC, and attended by the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Guinea. The Chairman then welcomed the Ambassadors of Egypt, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and OIC to share their views and thoughts on the subject and requested to give recommendations for the consideration of IDBG in addressing trade facilitation challenges and needs of Member Countries. During the session, representatives from UNECE, ITC, ITFC and SIDA delivered presentation about their on-going projects and programs related to trade facilitation.

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