Preparatory Seminar for IDBG’s participation in the 5th Global Review of Aid for Trade


Event Date and Venue

21-23 April 2015 in Amman, Jordan


Since its inception in 2007, the biennial Global Review of Aid for Trade (AfT) has become established as the pre-eminent multilateral forum for exploring trade and development issues.  The 5th Global Review will take place in July 2015 at the WTO in Geneva under the main theme: Reducing Trade Costs for inclusive, Sustainable Growth.

The IDB Group has been actively engaged in the Aid for Trade (AFT) initiative since its launch at the Sixth Ministerial Conference, held in Hong Kong in December 2005.  The IDB Group believes that the ultimate objectives for developmental needs can be attained through this initiative. Further, the global community can address the lingering issues of supply side constraints, especially in the Least Developed Member Countries (LDMCs of IDB).

In this context and on behalf of the IDB Group, the GTRC (IDB Group Trade Related Issues Committee) plans to organize a regional workshop to prepare the participation of the IDB Group  in the 5th AFT Global Review on Aid for Trade.


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The objective of the Seminar’s discussion is to highlight IDB’s member countries experiences and needs in the area of reducing trade costs and associated impacts and to come out with a “Rapporteur Report” which will feed in to the IDBG report to be submitted to the 5th Global Review of Aid for Trade.

It is expected that the conclusion will contribute to the IDB Group’s report to be distributed at the 5th Global Review.



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