TCPP At a Glance

The Trade Cooperation and Promotion Program (TCPP), the trade promotion and facilitation arm of the ITFC, has been developed to design and deliver trade-related technical assistance programs to IDB Member Countries (MCs).

TCPP’s principal objective is to promote and enhance intra-trade and trade cooperation among MCs and to complement the efforts of ITFC in this regard.


to be a recognized catalyst, network builder and facilitator between national trade support institutions and regional and international trade institutions


Plan and Deliver effective tailor made trade related technical assistance programs in cooperation with its local, regional and international trade institutions to the concerned trade institutions and SMEs in MCs.

TCPP activities fall into four business lines: trade promotion, trade facilitation, capacity building and development of strategic commodities.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Support, facilitate and promote intra-OIC trade exchange among MCs,
  • Assist MCs to develop trade and export competitiveness of their strategic products,
  • Facilitate trade relations, stimulate and strengthen trade integration among MCs,
  • Enhance trade support capabilities in MCs as main source for national trade development.


The stakeholders are identified to be:

  1. MCs' Ministries of Trade & concerned govt. entities/organizations
  2. Chambers of Commerce
  3. Businessmen associations / exporters clubs
  4. Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs)
  5. Private sector, i.e. exporting SMEs of MCs
  6. MCs’ National and regional trade organizations

Contact Us

  • P.O. Box 55335, Jeddah 21534
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Tel: +966 12 646 8364
  • Fax: +966 12 637 1064