Trade Promotion

The objective is to develop intra trade and trade cooperation among MCs and facilitate region to region trade partnership to enable them to generate more trade exchanges between and among the countries.

ITFC through TCPP provides financial support to the trade promotion activities of export promotion centers of MCs and informs the concerned institutions about these activities and invites them to participate in these activities to promote their economy and industries.

Trade promotion activities that are undertaken by TCPP enable SMEs to :

  • Participate in international trade fairs and buyers/sellers meeting and exhibit their products.
  • Reach new markets and identify new business opportunities.
  • Develop and establish trade partnership and new contacts with international buyers and foreign institutions,

In addition, trade promotion activities present new opportunities to MCs’ Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) to promote their member companies’ products in collective stands in international exhibitions where their participations are sponsored and organized by the ITFC through TCPP.

Followings are some examples of trade promotion activities supported by ITFC/TCPP in 1429H/2008G.

Activity Turkey –Africa Foreign Bridge III
Venue Date Istanbul, Turkey - 13-17 May 2008.
Objective To promote inter-regional trade among Turkish and African countries (primarily for member countries but also none members participated)
Participants Businessmen from Turkey and African countries, ministers and senior officials from related government and trade institutions (total number of businessmen participated in the program is around 2000).
Importance The overall objective is to promote and enhance intra-OIC trade and trade cooperation among MCs. and open new avenues of trade cooperation. It is believed that business meetings held during the program generated new business in millions of US dollars and laid the foundation for much higher trade.
Activity 3rd Trans Saharan Trade Fair of Niamey
Venue Date Niamey Niger, 4-15 Sep 2008
Objective To promote Trans-Saharan Countries’ economy, trade as well as regional and interregional trade partnership. This is considered a South-South Trade Cooperation Project.
Participants Involvement of the invited TPOs from Benin, Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso and Cote d’lvoire organized and sponsored by ITFC/TCPP.
Importance ITFC/TCPP sponsored the participation of selected TPOs to exhibit their member countries’ products with the aim to reach new markets and identify new business opportunities, develop and establish trade partnership and new contacts with international buyers.
Activity 12th MUSIAD International Trade Fair &12th International Business Forum (IBF)
Venue Date Istanbul, Turkey 22-26 Nov 2008
Objective Promotion of intra-OIC trade and investment in the fair, almost 500 companies exhibited their products to the Turkish market. There were match making business meetings during the fair, where new business contacts were established among the companies.
Participants Participation of TPOs from Lebanon, Syria, Kyrgyz, Jordan and Tunisia organized and sponsored by ITFC/TCPP. Large gathering included the presence of 23 ministers, more than 40 high level bureaucrats from 17 countries and 2200 businessmen from 67 different countries participated in the events.
Importance MUSIAD Fairs is a premiere trade fair that brings together businessmen and government officials from OIC MCs to present their products and exchange their views on how to improve trade exchange and cooperation between MCs.

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