The Trade Development Fund

The Trade Development Fund is a unique Waqf-based development fund model in MDBs that was created to build-up and provide charitable resources for funding trade-related initiatives and interventions.

The Trade Development Fund (TDFD) is a Waqf based fund, managed by ITFC, established in 2018, aims to provide sustainable financial resources to support the design and implementation of Trade Development activities and projects to enhance trade of Member Countries. The Fund commenced operations on January 1st, 2020.

The Fund consists of two bank accounts; a Principal (WAQF) Bank Account dedicated to building up resources and an Operational Bank Account dedicated to providing resources for implementation of trade related interventions.



Why To Support TDFD ?

Design And Deliver Needed Trade Related Technical Assistance Projects/Activities To Support Member Countries 

Shariah Compliant Trade Tools And Mechanisms 

Gain Experience And Expertise Through Trade-Related Technical Assistance And Knowledge Sharing 

Work Closely With
Communities In Need 

TDFD And COVID-19 Support

The year 2021 witnessed many challenges due to COVID-19. TDFD repositioned its purpose to provide support to fight the negative effects of the pandemic.

TDFD offers a wide range of support in the form of grants and
technical assistance for:

  • Immediate provision of food supplies and medical devices targeted at the fragile communities, contribute to health resilience efforts and enhance the protection of the population and the medical staff working in the fight against COVID-19
  • Export Launchpad: The action aims to support SMEs via providing training for trainers and development of experts on export topics in a selected Member Country to promote their exports and reduce the effect of COVID-19.
  • Trade-Related Capacity Building and Training in collaboration with accredited training providers. The training aims to support SMEs’ human and institutional building to enhance their ability to market their products. This activity targets women in trade and will support the efforts to mobilize resources to build the capital of the TDFD and increase outreach programs/projects.
  • Simplified administration and documentation, since ITFC is the financier on record.
  • Introduction of new investors to consider financing respective member countries.

The Training Programs allows for trainees to:

  • Identify the main concepts and methodologies in marketing research;
  • Understand the main criteria for selecting the international markets;
  • Identify the main components of the marketing mix;
  • Identify the different factors that affect the export prices;
  • Understand the development of international trade.
  • Know how the international agreements help countries to be competitive

Support Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)- ITFC’s initiatives under the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). The interventions include supporting AfCFTA operational instruments, development of national strategies , specially in the context of COVID-19 Pandemic to lift systemic trade and investment barriers.

And Beyond

TDFD focuses on targeting
philanthropies to build up the
resources of the Waqf account that will lead to provide More to member countries


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